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Client Love

“Shayla is a committed, professional, creative, talented marketer and editor all rolled into 1 lovely person. She was able to get my business online, develop marketing materials and a strategy to help me navigate through my businesses early days of brand presence. She is kind, detailed focused and 100% dedicated to the success of her clients. Creative, diverse and responsive, she is a wonderful pro.”

– Christine Isnor, Founder/Owner, ingage.hr. redefined

Client Love

“I have hired Shayla to assist with communication and graphic design work, and sought her change management skills. She is always professional, a great listener and does what she says she is going to do. Shayla brings her own unique and varied perspective to issues, which brings out new approaches. When I need communications, social media or graphic design help, Shayla is on speed dial.”

– Chrystal Fuller, Principal, Brighter Community Planning and Consulting

Client Love

“Shayla has been instrumental in assisting me with the launch of a large new business initiative.  She is incredibly gifted, with a multifaceted skill set, and has been able to single-handedly manage my corporate branding, website development, social media campaign and promotional literature development.  She is extremely skilled at listening carefully to understand vision, and translate this into words and images that are captivating and compelling.  I feel very fortunate to have had her as a part of my development team.”

– Dr. Belinda Seagram, Founder, Landing Strong